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RE-FRESH! at The Collective Gallery, St Albans (On Now!)

I have just begun a two week show called RE-FRESH! at the lovely Collective Art Gallery in St Albans.

Its in the heart of this bustling Roman town, in a more traditional shop fronted building.

I was invited to join Barbara Robjant (Artist), Kathy Foster (Artist) Nathalie Pymm (Printer, Mixed media), & Amanda Nester (Artist) and make up the fifth member of the group, as the sole 3D artist.

RE-FRESH! is the feeling all our work gave us when it came together.

We are very different artists, but have a vibrance and energy that runs through all our works.

Plus its springtime, and hopefully this will be a better year for most of us than the last two!

All work is for sale, with a good selection of cards and prints available too.

Heres a little run down of the group.....

Barbara Robjant- Artist

Barbara Robjant was the driving force in this collaboration.

Her work is wonderfully bright. She has a love of Portugal which features in a number of her paintings, and bright blooms in others.

Real vibrant and feel good, bold works.

Not only is she a great artist, but she frames much of her own work, which is a skill in itself. And a lovely person to boot. Always lovely to admire work from someone you really like.

Nathalie Pymm- Printer & mixed media Artist

Nathalie has much bright work, but for this show has chosen to go with her new lino prints of Londons architecture which are more tonal, but with little pops of colour.

You will recognise the buildings, from the British Museum, to Black friars and St Pauls, all captured from great angles.

Amazing skill as these are all lino reduction prints, which means each one is hand pulled and goes through many layers. So the potential for error is easy. But Nathalies prints are perfect. A credit to her experience.

She has brought along a selection of her REALLY bright pieces in the browser.

Amanda Nester-Artist

Setting up was the first time I had seen Amanda's work .

Its almost photographic!

I believe she paints in oils, but you would hardly know it.

Its so smooth, and doesn't have that oil like appearance we come to expect.

Amanda clearly has a strong love for everything floral.

I really love her big apple blossom painting top left. Fabulous!

Kathy Foster- Artist

Kathy paints in oils.

Largely landscapes, cityscapes and objects.

She has paintings from a walking trip in Shropshire, chairs, trees, plants & the wonderful bowl of Lemons that is so lush on our flyer!

Her work is beautifully textured, with much feeling to it.

Alison Berthelsen -Jeweller! 

Me! Here I am standing next to my glass table with jewellery in. I also have a cabinet full on my work at the gallery too.

Got my new glitter range on show, which seems to be popular. Its so nice to show my work to a new audience in this lovely setting

At least one of us artists is there daily, with the weekends being manned by two of us.

I will be there Saturday 5th, Friday11th, & Wednesday 16th if you want to catch me in person!

Come and be RE-FRESHED by art at the Collective Art Gallery, St Albans!
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