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J is 8 points on the Scrabble board

Updated: Jun 10, 2021

I made this for a close friend recently - to celebrate her late father.

They played on-line scrabble together for years and it became a real source of joy between them, particularly in the more difficult period towards the end of his life.

When he passed over, my friend came to me with his broken signet ring with an idea in mind.

Now, I haven't done a great deal of melting down to create larger pieces.

Also, I am not an engraver. That is a skill, and a job in itself. So things to think about!

Much to my pleasure, the scrabble tile worked out beautifully.

But having sat with the almost finished piece for some months, I was feeling a tad bad that I had not identified that all elusive free hand engraver I was looking for.

It took me a year of browsing around to come across someone I felt was up to the job. Free hand engraving is quite a unique skill these days and you can't just find someone down the road any more.

Another jeweller I am aware of posted a beautiful piece on instagram and suddenly I knew I had found who I was looking for.

So my piece was packaged up and posted up 'North' (I wish there were emojis on here!)

I am delighted to say that he is absolutely excellent at his job, and turn around was speedy.

My lovely friend received her longed for piece earlier this year.

It has her Father's hand writing engraved on the reverse 'Love Dad xxx'.

A secret message, not for all to see.

Which just makes its all the more personal for her.

And it is so fulfilling to make something so personal for a good friend x

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