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Water Works! Exhibition

I am delighted to be featuring in this beautifully curated exhibition 'Water Works' with

Sarah, the woman behind SpringUp, has collected artists together all with a watery theme to their work.

Such as Caroline Nixon, and her 'Underwater Garden' ecoprint on vintage linen with natural dyes and stitch embellishment, Marie Jones felted sea, to painters, other textile artists and jewellery.

Do take the time to follow the link and have a scroll through. Its so easy and you may well find something beautiful that you love.

I am proud to say I am in both the Artist and Jewellery camps.

5 of my paintings are currently appearing, alongside 5 pieces of my jewellery.

The picture below is on the opening page to the exhibition.

Last one in buys the cake! - A jeweller with a splash of paint

Featuring in part of the exhibition is my NEW range of Watercolours which I have just added to the website.

I have created a series of 6 images focused on Chesham Moor Pool in Buckinghamshire.

Chesham is situated by the River Chess, and is in an area known as Waterside. The Chess runs down the road where the Moor pool is, goes under the road, and meanders along the front of the pool building, before passing under the road again and along to the moor. You can cross over it on tiny footbridges.

The whole area is awash with walks alongside, and indeed through the Chess. You may need your wellies at times!

The pool originated from a natural sluice here, where livestock were once taken to bathe. No longer feed by quite the same source, the pool is unique in being managed 90% by ionisation and only 10% chlorine. Wonderful not to smell of chlorine, and no sore eyes.

Three images of my Moor Pool series are currently shown in the WaterWorks exhibition.

With the remaining three most likely being added as the weeks go by.

Just some are shown here.

I have spent alot of time here, as it is a very unique place.

If you hop through to the exhibition, you will find alot of my thoughts behind my watery works and what it feels like to spend your life thinking about when you can get back to it!

For all details about my work featured with @springupgallery, including cards and prints, you will find on my website

With kind thanks to SpringUp Gallery for presenting and promoting my work so beautifully.


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