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Chesham Moor Pool Autumn 2018, Giclee Print -Water Colour

Chesham Moor Pool Autumn 2018, Giclee Print -Water Colour


I began to paint the Moor Pool during the Winter lockdown as I missed it so much.

This picture of Autumn 2018,image taken from the roof of the building, was the third in the series.

I have been told it has the real sense of the season as you feel it when you are there. 

Which is how I feel it, but glad to know others agree!


The first image I painted was Summer, it made me feel so much brighter.

Then came then feeling that I wanted to paint the pool from all angles, to show all of its personality. And in all seasons, and lights.

The people that attend the Moor Pool are addicted. They love this place. Many have been going there since they were children.

Its certainly like no where else I have ever swum.

The sense of community radiates through it, and everyone is very proud of it.

It is set in such a beautiful spot in the Chess Valley, that we feel lucky everytime we are there. Its the jewel in Cheshams crown. 


Giclee Print on Bamboo Paper

(Giclee Printing does not ever fade, and looks identical to the original. Its amazing!)

Image size -18x26cm

Mounted & packaged in a clear wallet -28x35cm

Signed by myself


Also available on the website, mounted in a white frame with a soft white mount.


Collection can be directly from me or at the pool.

Postage can be arranged.


Also available on the website as ;

A6 card with envelope.

Card Bundle of all 6 pool images.


There are limited stocks of the bundles at the pool, so ask at the front desk, although will need to be a cash payment if purchasing there.







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