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Who is Alison?

Once upon a time, I was a central London window dresser & visual merchandiser, enjoying the bright lights and noise of the West End.

Always a creative person, over 20 years ago I began to train to make jewellery. First as a hobby but eventually, as the passion overwhelmed me, as a full time occupation.

Moving out to the Chilterns has meant I have the best of both worlds. I still have great access to London, & Hatton Garden, but I am constantly inspired by the beauty of the countryside which surrounds me & influences my work everyday.

The years in display have heavily influenced my approach to the creative process. I feel strongly about reusing as much as possible. I never throw anything away that may still have life left in it.

I am a real one for 'designing on the back of a napkin'. I have many loose scraps of paper, despite buying myself lovely sketch books.

A lasting habit from my west end days!


Always creative, what I love today, is working with client's to understand their ideas, hopes and dreams. Seeing the joy on their faces when they collect their commissioned piece makes me feel good for days.

Painting has become such an important part of my creative life, and brings me much joy & calmness. It underpins my jewellery making. Mostly I work in watercolours or water based mediums. The images I paint often relate to my local surroundings, and my love of water & swimming.

Some of these images have made their way into my jewellery via etching and design.

Prints and cards of my art work are also available on my website, and often make wonderful greeting cards and gifts.


I like to continually challenge myself to learn new skills & take different creative paths.

And I like to remember those people who have helped me get there!

I have worked with some great teachers & skilled individuals, who have all left their mark on me and my thinking. Whether they were jewellers, painters, colleagues or my Mum!

A great way to keep up with my current work/news is to follow me on



Or here on my blog


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