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I am regularly approached about the possibility of re-using/remaking family pieces of jewellery into new. The possibilities are endless.
Below are some examples of my 'upcycled' work with a little bit of the story behind each of the pieces.
Some of the pieces shown below have been complete rebuilds. Others just altered or improved, & a handful have been hand made from new, utilising stones or precious metal from existing pieces of jewellery owned by the client.

It is worth saying that upcycling is not necessarily a quicker or cheaper option. But it is a wonderful way of keeping the emotion of sentimental pieces, such as a mothers engagement ring or a fathers signet ring, close to you.
And this is the response that I get time and time again from my clients who choose this option.

It is always worth a conversation to find out what is possible.

Interested? Please contact me..
Alison working.jpg
5 Diamond ring
Family Heirlooms
5 Diamond Ring

Here I took stones & precious metal(s) from multiple, different, family heirlooms  to fashion a single ring celebrating & commemorating several generations of  family history. The choice of an adjustable ring gives the wearer the opportunity to adjust as necessary throughout her life.

Scrabble Tile
Scabble Tile original gold
Scrabble Tile

A recently bereaved daughter wished me to fashion a piece of jewellery utilising her father's broken signet ring to keep him close to her heart. Together we designed the above scrabble tile, with her initial, reflecting their joint love of the game.

Cornelian Brooch
Broken Cornelian Brooch
Cornelian Brooch

A worn setting on this Cornelian brooch was replaced and updated for the 21st century 

Rings to be upcycled.jpg

Wedding and Engagement rings from bereavement combined into a beautiful new piece, enabling their love to continue to be carried and worn daily alongside new love

Eliptical Ring
Broken Eliptical Ring
Eliptical Ring_s

Much loved (cast) silver ring was unable to be repaired. So utilising the broken ring I fashioned an almost identical replacement in silver wire & sheet as a surprise present from her boyfriend.

Multi stone adjustable ring
Multi Stone Heirloom
Multi stone Adjustable Ring

Each stone in this adjustable ring came from several much cherished, but broken or unloved pieces of jewellery owned by this client. The ring has become the journey of her life with a new stone added to represent the future... 

Funked up Cat

I was approached by a client who was looking to funk up his much loved cat pin. Being a man of music a guitar was the obvious choice for his cool cat!

It has now become the image he uses for all his work as BluKat

Harrys Cufflinks
grampys heirlooms.jpg
Harrys Grampy cufflinks.jpg

'Grampy' had some family heirlooms that he wanted to pass on to his new Grandson.

What better way than timeless cufflinks, polished, with a frosty style surface, finished with a bespoke hallmark including the Jubilee mark, from the London Assay Office.

Peruvian Gold
Kims peruvian gold.jpg
Peruvian gold & Sunstone Silver Ring

A client visited me with a stone he had been given by  a treasured and now passed friend. He also brought me a piece of gold he had actually watched being panned. He had had it many years. 'Could I do something with it?' 

For the full story, including photos of the panning , and my clients words, go to my Blog where you will find a 2 minute read of the lovely tale.

Thrupenny bit Cufflinks

This chap was looking to create a link to his father by utilising coins from his numismatic collection in these stylish cufflinks. They worked out really well!

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