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The Musician & The Body Paint Artist.....

The Story of THAT ring.....

Late last summer, this lovely pair asked me if I would make their engagement and wedding rings.

Obviously I said ABSO-JOLLY-LUTELY!

Now, already knowing this unique pair, I always knew it would be different to the usual rings I make, which aren't really your usual run of the mill rings anyway.

Nans Diamond

We started with a family ring. Her Nans.

Two large circular diamonds. But with plans to only use the one.

So what next?

Well, Jess knew early on she wanted rose gold (or red gold to those in the trade), and dark almost black stones.

We settled on the darkest blue Sapphires I could find. So dark they almost ARE black.

Sapphires are very strong and can withstand daily wear in a ring. They are a 9 on the mohs scale of hardness, which makes them a good choice.

We had a nice little trip to Hatton Garden, baby Leo too, and we originally started off with two matching sapphire baguettes, but I just didn't feel it. Knew it wasn't her.

Hatton Graden

It took a while for us both to find the look that was eluding us. I just knew we didn't want anything predictable.

So went back to the drawing board. More research and sketching.

I'm not entirely sure what made it all fall into place.

It was somewhere during a visit, which included James, baby Leo, and Pabs the dog, and surrounding chaos, that when we packed them off for a walk, Jess and I hit my store of stones to talk shapes etc.

And there they were.

This fab little square cut and marquise, almost black sapphires.

So we sat with this chunk of blue tack and moved the stones about.

And it just fell into place.

With designs I had already sketched, and the knowledge that these two are somewhat alternative and brave with design, it just became so apparent what it needed to be.

The addition of a further diamond to give a white sparkle and the layout was complete.

Now 4 isn't a typical number in a layout. Odd numbers work best, but then you do get duo's that can work well in twists, but I would never normally do a 4. Feels heavy and too even. But this was anything but that.

So work ensued...

Then suddenly..... Ta- dah!

And it is very, very JESS. HURRAHHH!!!

Next, the Wedding rings......

A simple ring was the best companion for this cocktail of an engagement ring.

It is completely the star of the show, and doesn't need any competition.

So we went pure and beautiful with a 18ct rose gold band. With just a delicate dip to

accommodate the whopper of a diamond.

For James the the story was completely different.

No rules or anything to work around.

Apart from the guitar....

So that's how the ring fitting went

( I wish there was a laugh emoji on here!)

plus with Pabs the dog in tow...

The brides ring is so tiny, it fits inside the grooms with room to spare.

I made both rings in silver first to ensure dips, heights & depths were correct.

We decided James needed to be taller and a bit weightier. A good chunk of a ring.

A piece that stands proud & strong on his hand when its filmed when he plays guitar.

James band
Jess's rose gold band & silver sample

Hammering James ring

Rings were duly hallmarked at Goldsmiths London Assay office gaining the Platinum Jubilee hallmark also, and handed over to James & Jess in anticipation of the big day.

Which my husband and I had the good fortune of being invited to!

This being due to a bit of family blood.....

So then the wedding happened......

(....It was never ever going to be standard or typical!)

Here we go.....

BEAUTIFUL followed by this (& this is just a bit of it).....

I think its the first wedding I have attended where I made all the rings.

It was a very unique, special feeling.

I was pretty proud and chuffed when the rings were passed around the whole congregation so that every member could bless them with their own wishes.

Congratulations to Ashby & Jess!

(or 'James' if you are related)

So if unique is you, come and talk to me......

All pictures copyright of James & Jess or alisonberthelsenjewellery 2022

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