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Double Pearl Hooks- Pale Blue & Cream

Double Pearl Hooks- Pale Blue & Cream


Two pearls hung on my signature 'curly' silver wires

Pale duck egg blue and cream  pearls contrasting, creating a striking colour against the hair or neck.

Light weight with lots of movement.


Approx dimensions:

Length from top of wire to base of bottom pearl- 25mm

Pearls approx 7mm diameter


If showing out of stock, and you would like a pair, please give me a nudge!


Pearls look at their best when they are worn and touched. Helps them maintain their lustre.


Do not wear in the shower, bath or swimming pools etc. The chemicals and different ph will not be kind to the pearl.

When cleaning the silver, be gentle, use non abrasive cleaning agents, such as washing up liquid,warm water and a toothbrush, followed by a polishing cloth (usually blue, found in supermarkets/hardware stores)

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