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Finger/Ring Sizer

Finger/Ring Sizer


This Plastic multisize ring guage is ideal for self finger sizing.

It works like a belt, forming a ring. Adjust to give a comfortable fit, with just a slight bit of a tug over your knuckle.

Then simply read off the indicated size. 

The sizes are marked with British sizes A-Z


Fingers do alter according to temperature so it is always advisable to size more than once and preferably in a 'normal' temperature range.


Sizes also alter depending on width of the ring. For a wide ring please add half to one size (please see details on the indidividual product pages).

I have added two pictures above to give examples of a wide ring (Blossom Birds etched Ring) and a standard ring (Oval Peridot Ring).


I have made a video here which explains how to measure your figures but please email me if you have any questions or are unsure of your size versus which ring. I will be happy to advise.

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