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Frost Wraparound Ring

Frost Wraparound Ring


Frost is a new texture I have developed, and this ring is the first of its kind.

Based on my classic wraparound design, its adjustable fit allows it to be worn by almost anyone.

It slides on and off with ease.


Frost has a 'white' appearance, which sits in contrast to my higher polished look  of Bark and Horizontal Bark designs.

The Frost ring sits beautifully next to the other textures, standing out due to its unique finish and colour.

Approx dimensions;

Height on single band at back-  just over 5mm 

Double band at the front- 12mm

Currently sitting at an S

But can expand up or down considerably as plenty of overlap


Adjustable fit allows for expansion over the knuckle, wrapping back around as it comes to the base of the fingers.


Light, yet sturdy.

Totally unisex too


This current one has the Coronation mark which is only available this year.


Bangle and Stud earrings also available

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