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Large Winter Chesham Moor Pool Giclee Print

Large Winter Chesham Moor Pool Giclee Print


I was commissioned to paint my Winter image on a larger scale and "with MUCH more steam!!"

The original now hangs somewhere in France I believe. Thats a nice feeling.


Chesham Moor pool is beloved by all that swim there for its glorious sunrises and sunsets, which are filled with steam, creating a mysterious and gorgeous haze around the pool.

I think that the owner of the original was right. It needed to be larger and steamier....

( but I still love my standard image...)


This is a Giclee print.

Size 66cm x 46cm mounted in white. The print is 38cm x 56.5cm

Comes with a certificate of authenticity signed by myself.


Giclee Prints are the finest images possible of the original. High ink resolution. Its almost impossible to tell apart from the originals.


Shown in the images are a framed version (mine), the mounted cellophane wrapped Giclee print, The reverse of the wrapped print with certificate, and the original painting on the board shown with my standard size and original Winter print.


This is a larger print than my standard shipping allows for, so if you would like to purchase, please contact me if you would like it posted and I will clarify current post office charges.

Or select to collect either from my workshop or the pool reception which is always a good option!


Framing is possible and prices can be advised on request.

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