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Reflections of Chesham Pool and the Moor

A dive into artistry

Presenting my first solo exhibition!

Very exciting!

As a prolific swimmer at Chesham Moor pool, I began painting the pool and surroundings during the long dark lockdown in 2021, as I missed it so much.

Never expecting it to become quite the passion project it has, I have so far produced 17 in the Moor pool series all shown in this exhibition, with more to come.

Chesham Moor Pool is one of the jewels in Cheshams Crown, and the Elgiva Theatre is another, so its wonderful to join them together with my exhibition.

Local people are very proud of both these places.

The exhibition also celebrates the history of the pool, with newspaper cuttings, past photos and history boards.

Its really interesting and shows the pool dates back to around 1893.

Lots of quirky information, including when women were allowed to swim there, and pictures of various mayors doing their civic duties of opening the pool each year and jumping in. That was in the days when the pool would close for winter.

Quite unique. You may spot people you know!

It celebrates the beautiful surroundings its set in too. Plus other local views and open water swimming scenes that I have painted are included in the exhibition.

Below are some images I have painted from and a few glimpses of some of my work.

So far its been very well received I am delighted to say.

My work can be purchased through the front desk at the Elgiva for the duration of the exhibition and is on permanent display at the Chesham Moor pool.

Pieces can be also be found at The Good Earth Gallery in Chesham (from the middle of June) and A little Bird Gallery in Wendover, and my entire jewellery and painting collections are available from the website as always.

The exhibition is on until Sunday June 2nd and open from 10.30am-3pm and 5pm-till end of show each night.

Why not pop down and maybe have a bite to eat in their cafe or a drink in the evening at their bar whilst enjoying the exhibition?

Sneaky peek below.....

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