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Platinum Jubilee Ring

Platinum Jubilee Ring


Platinum Jubilee Rings in Sterling silver.

Hammered with a bark style texture.


Unique because of the Platinum Jubilee hallmark, which can no longer be applied, as it was unique to 2022.

Work with the platinum jubilee hallmark is likely to become more sought after, as it ties the wearer to a particular point in all our history in the UK.

Only 6 commemorative marks like this have ever been created, and a Platinum Jubilee is incredibly unique.

So if you want one, these are the last ones I will ever have.

My work is assayed at London Goldsmiths.



Size L & L½ are my remaining pieces available.

Will fit a slim or young hand most likely.

5.5mm wide and 1mm thick.

The larger ring shown to the left has been sold.

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